Why Are We Different?


The Art and Science of Government SalesTM

For most companies, successfully selling to the government is much more than registering, having a GSA Schedule, identifying opportunities, or being certified as a minority, woman, or veteran owned business. Why do companies succeed?  They succeed because they understand the federal market as well as the techniques and strategies required to win new contracts. The average company takes three to five years to successfully learn how to best sell to the government. Our clients do it in six to twelve months. Don't take our word for it. The proof is that our clients and members win contracts

Why Are We Different?

RSM Federal 2016 SBA VOSB AwardResults. We have helped entrepreneurs, small and mid-tier business owners win more than $1.5 Billion in government contracts. We have successfully helped thousands of companies and have hundreds of testimonials.

Award Winning. The success of our clients and members is a major reason why the Small Business Administration awarded RSM Federal the 2016 Award for Veteran Business of the Year.

Proven Techniques and Strategies. We help companies understand how to navigate the federal market with exceptional results. If you search on Google, you'll find thousands of resources and it's very difficult to figure out which provide real value. Most companies have already and unsuccessfully paid money for government consultants and resources that provide little more than the same non-competitive information. Many companies ask, "We've attended the same conferences, the same seminars, the same training events, and joined the same communities and programs. We sell the same products and services as our competition. So why does our competition succeed and we're having such a hard time making progress ourselves?" The answer should not surprise you. It's not what you learn. It's how you apply it. We specialize in providing companies with basic and advanced techniques and strategies to successfully position for and win government contracts. Unlike most advisory and coaching firms, not only is our track-record highly sucessful, but we are also government contractors ourselves. 

Expertise. Every member of our team has 20 to 25 years experience supporting and selling to the federal government. Perhaps more important, we have a strong reputation in the industry. We're known for our professionalism, our ethics, and our integrity. Our leadership is nationally recognized and we have keynoted or highlighted more than twenty national small business conferences.

How Can RSM Federal Help My Company?

Whether you're an entrepreneur just starting your business or a $250 million company that wants to increase revenue, we have a wide range of cost-effective products, services, and programs that are award winning and nationally recognized with a proven track record. Most small businesses can not afford consultants with the level of quality, expertise, and proven performance that larger firms pay. RSM Federal designs it's services and solutions to provide the same level of expertise at a cost that small businesses can afford.

We manage one of the industry's largest libraries for government contracting techniques and strategies. If you look, you'll find references to our content all over the Internet. Over the last eight years, we have developed some of the industries most comprehensive resources, tools, and programs.

If you want to navigate the federal market and learn how to successfully position for and win government contracts, RSM Federal is an industry leader with proven results.

Educate.  Accelerate.  Maximize Revenue.

RSM Federal Selling To GovernmentRSM Federal is a federal business development and strategic marketing firm that represents small businesses in order to educate, accelerate, and maximize revenue. Our firm develops and executes, in concert with our clients, an aggregated education, sales, and marketing strategy to achieve corporate funding and revenue objectives. We support clients throughout the nation with comprehensive and professional services to better understand and exploit government opportunities.

RSM Federal is on retainer with small and large businesses to accelerate revenue. We help companies position, tailor, and market the strengths and solutions of their company in order to differentiate the value of their capabilities and solutions. Just as important, we provide consulting services at a reasonable cost that small businesses can afford.

Unlike most firms that specialize in entrepreneur and small business acceleration, RSM Federal is not only a consulting firm, but a government vendor as well. We don't just help our clients succeed - we also win our own government contracts.  Not surprisingly, this is an important reason why our clients select us.

Our Mission

Whether you need a second opinion, insights on how to market to a specific agency, or assistance in developing a tailored marketing, sales, and teaming strategy, RSM Federal's mission is to educate you on the market, improve your processes, help you take advantage of qualified opportunities and win government contracts.

Strategic Business Units

RSM Federal operates three Strategic Business Units (SBU):

  • Client Services
  • Government Services
  • National Coalition Services 

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