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RSM Federal 

One of the most compelling measures of an organization's success is the ability to maximize return on investment.  RSM Federal was founded on the premise that most entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses could not find an ethical and experienced small business advisory firm that was both cost effective and had a proven track record in maximizing their customer's return on investment.

At RSM Federal, we're not just a consultant - we're a trusted partner that helps you identify challenges and implement the techniques and strategies to overcome them and increase revenue.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, we support clients throughout the country.  We are a bridge between the Midwest, West Coast, East Coast and the Nation's Capital, providing businesses with professional, experienced, and cost effective consulting services to exploit federal opportunities.

Established in 2008, RSM Federal develops and executes, in concert with our clients, an aggregated sales and marketing strategy to achieve funding, policy, and revenue objectives. RSM is both a consulting firm and a government vendor. RSM actively represents more than a dozen small businesses, manages the digital strategies for several national coalitions in Washington DC, and was awarded multiple sub-contracts with the Department of Defense and Federal Agencies over the past twelve months. RSM Federal specializes in coalition / association constitution and oversight, government procurement assistance, capture management, DoD business case analysis for strategic marketing, advertising, and social media, and project and program management.

We help companies position, tailor, and market the strengths and solutions of their company in order to differentiate the value of their capabilities and accelerate revenue. In 2006, these techniques and strategies were consolidated and streamlined to provide a foundation for RSM and two years later we incorporated.

What Does RSM Stand For?

RSM stands for Realignment Solution Methodology (RSM). RSM is a sales, marketing, and business operation's methodology designed on proven techniques, processes, and strategies which aligns and synchronizes the customer, teaming partners and internal business units, most notably sales, marketing, proposal, and management. RSM techniques and strategies are performed in parallel while creating a competitive advantage within the prospect's decision cycle. RSM took shape in 2001 and has been consistently updated and improved since then. Our methodology is based on the best practices and successes of more than fifty large corporations and more than three hundred successful small businesses, both private and public sectors. Our methodology facilitates a paradigm shift in how consulting firms partner with their clients. RSM requires that all techniques and strategies be specifically tailored to the client's products, services, and processes.  


2003 - Research and Development

In 2003, Mr. Frank, Principal of RSM Federal, started documenting and consolidating the techniques and strategies that helped him successfully win more than $50 million in government contracts.  He collected, evaluated, tested, and documented the most successful processes, techniques, and strategies utilized in the market. 

2006 - Realignment Solution Methodology TM

In 2006, these techniques and strategies were consolidated and streamlined to provide a foundation for Realignment Solution Methodology (RSM).  RSM is a proven process and methodology which aligns and synchronizes the sales team, the customer, and internal business units (Marketing, Proposal, and Management).  This methodology helps to position, tailor, and market the strengths and solutions of a company which then differentiate core competencies and win new business.  This is done in parallel with creating a competitive advantage within the government's decision cycle and is based on best practices of larger Defense System Integrators (SI) as well as hundreds of successful smaller businesses.

2007 - Developing The Government Sales Manual

In late 2007, our techniques and strategies for government business development, sales, marketing, and operations were consolidated into what was called "The RSM Workbook For Small Business."  The manual was copyrighted in 2009 and in late 2010, with extensive updates on government acquisition and step-by-step educational guides, it was renamed "The Government Sales Manual."

2008 - RSM Capital Group

2012 - RSM Capital Group becomes RSM Federal

In January 2012, we changed our name to RSM Federal in order for the name to more clearly define the company's brand and purpose.  The company doubled in size with five government subcontracts and several new contracts supporting National Coalitions.



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