The Government Sales Manual

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Winning Small Business Government Contracts

With proven past performance, this manual is the most comprehensive, cost effective and step-by-step professional resource to winning government contracts anywhere on the market. If you have any doubts about the veracity of our claims, our testimonials validate the strength of this manual.

So Many Options

Small businesses get bombarded by dozens of marketing emails every week to "help you win government contracts." They include webinars, match-making events, training sessions, contact lists, and consulting services.  While many of these services provide very real value, they are designed to bring you back for more. This is the paradigm of today's consulting environment. Most consultants don't provide extensive focus on the government sales techniques and strategies you need to successfully implement the basics.  Not convinced? Of the approximately 22,000 companies tracked by GSA in 2012, 47% failed to successfully sell to the government.  That's more than 10,000 companies and most of these companies paid between $2,500 and $10,000 on books, webinars, and training over the previous three years . This is the paradigm of today's consulting services.  

In a budget constrained environment, this consulting paradigm, while industry standard is not viable for most small businesses because it's not just the basics, but the techniques and strategies to accelerate how you engage the market.

This is why we developed The Government Sales Manual. 

Extensive and Comprehensive

450+ pages of techniques and strategies for government capture management, sales, marketing, teaming and proposal differentiation. Developed for businesses from start-up to $50 million annual revenue. This is not a book - but a manual that outlines every core concept required to successfully market and sell to the federal government.

    • 12 years of industry best practice
    • 4 years for methodology design
    • More than 3,000 hours in development
    • More than 1,000 data points, sales and marketing techniques

Accelerate Your Business by Three to Five Years

The Government Sales Manual provides extensive detail on techniques and strategies to improve your prospecting and sales activities and generate revenue. It is designed to educate you not only on the market but the strategies you need internally to accelerate marketing, sales and proposal efforts. 

We tell our clients that the manual is not meant to be read cover to cover. However, most clients are unable to put it down and ignore us, spending several days and nights reading it cover to cover. We often get emails at three in the morning asking questions about a specific technique or strategy. 

The manual has thousands of tactical and strategic concepts that will improve your operations and the tools to manage yourself or your sales team in performing the right activities, at the right times, to accelerate sales.



    • Module 1  -  Current Government Market Trends and Small Business Growth
    • Module 2  -  Government Contracts and Vehicles
    • Module 3  -  GSA Advantage and GSA eBuy
    • Module 4  -  Branding, Differentiation, Shaping, Positioning, Competitive Advantage
    • Module 5  -  Capture, Sales, Marketing (Market Penetration Strategy) 
    • Module 6  -  Teaming and Partners (Programmatic Teaming Strategy) 
    • Module 7  -  Proposal Concepts, Techniques and Strategies


    • Company: RSM Capital Group
    • Edition: 7th (2016)
    • Pages: 450+
    • Delivery: Digital
    • ISBN 10: 061541348X
    • ISBN 13: 978-0-615-41348-8
    • Copyrighted Library of Congress
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