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Every Document You Need For Government Sales

The RSM Digital Library is now a module within the Federal Access Program. It is no longer sold separately. Every document and template you need to successfully market and sell to the government is now available through Federal Access.

Companies often spend three to five years developing and collecting the necessary tools to successfully and consistently increase revenue. The core concept behind RSM Federal's offerings is "business acceleration." There are thousands of government marketing and sales templates used by thousands of companies. We reviewed all of them to validate which templates successfully worked and then redeveloped many of them with a focus on business acceleration. Every document and template in this library follows the best practices in The Government Sales Manual and successfully utilized on thousands of government acquisitions.

With a subscription to Federal Access, you gain access to more than twenty five years of intellectual capital and best practices. Download what you need and immediately tailor them to your organization.  

Federal Access Program

federal-access-how-to-sell-to-the-government-160607If you truly want to accelerate your revenue, then you should join the Federal Access Program.

The Federal Access Digital Library is just one of six resource modules. With Federal Access, not only do you get government templates for marketing, prospecting, sales, proposals, and teaming - but you also gain access to a proposal library, on-demand training videos, member's only email for questions on anything you're working on, member's only call-in hours to talk with our experts, monthly member's only webinars to accelerate your techniques and strategies, a discussion forum, and you get a digital copy of The Government Sales Manual.

Our Members have won more than $1.6 Billion in government contracts since 2011.




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