Master Federal Workshop

2 Day Custom / Tailored Workshop and Training Session 

Ask any of our Clients and they will tell you they are successful because of how RSM Federal integrates education and training into every product and service. When we are asked, "What is the most important thing we can do to win government contracts?" The answer is educating yourself on the market followed by the techniques, strategies, and best practices required to position, differentiate, and communicate competitive advantage.

rsmfederal-master-government-workshop-160707v2Our workshops provide you with significant and effective concepts to help your organization undergo cultural and professional transformation in how you approach the market, your customers, and your teaming partners. Your employee's individual knowledge and collective expertise serve as the foundation. Most courses and consultants teach you how to identify pain points,where to find opportunities, how to make a sales call, how to ask questions, how to format a proposal, or a myriad of other skills. 

What they do not provide is a synchronized, effective, and repeatable approach which is tested and proven to deliver results. RSM Federal can help your company properly position and ensure that you are able to communicate and differentiate your solutions with the right techniques and strategies.  

We offer workshops in a collaborative and hands-on setting to ensure that you and your team are properly shaping, differentiating, ghosting, and positioning in a manner that creates value and increases revenue.

Each workshop is conducted onsite and is tailored to your company's requirements and solutions. If you are interested in accelerating the maturity of your workforce and corporate revenue, please contact us.

Our Approach

RSM Federal's Master Government Workshop, a 2-day custom training session, is based on the Government Sales Manual and the templates, techniques, and strategies provided in the Federal Access Program. This workshop is designed to give you the equivalent of an MBA level education on the government sales process with the necessary education, training, techniques and strategies required to accelerate your position in the market. You will walk away from this workshop with a detailed understanding of how the government procurement process works, how to position your company for success, and we will create a checklist of action items and next steps that will more strongly position your company in the market in order to accelerate your winning of government contracts.

What Do We Cover?

The Master Government Workshop covers the full spectrum of activities required to succeed in government sales. This includes marketing, prospecting, business development, teaming, proposal development, and dozens of other subjects with hundreds of techniques and strategies.

To learn more about the Master Government Workshop, please contact us.  

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