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The practice of qualifying a company for the GSA Schedules is not a common practice. This is because there are many companies offering application services that have never worked in the federal space and don't understand government sales.  Most small businesses receive two or three emails every week from these companies identifying themselves as "government experts" selling "application services" with a promise to help you market and use the schedule. Unfortunately, every year, thousands of small businesses pay for these services, receive a GSA Schedule improperly completed and walk away having no idea how to use it.

There are many companies that provide GSA Schedule application services. . . and nothing else. Many do not understand how to sell to the government, how to successfully use the schedule, or the techniques and strategies required to win a contract using the schedule. In 2012, one of the largest GSA Schedule application companies in the country changed its name more than ten times due to complaints and the district attorney sent an undercover agent to work as an employee in preparation to shut the company down.

A Boutique Service

RSM Federal only provides schedule applications for companies after first validating that the company is authorized to obtain a schedule and that the schedule is in their best interests. At the end of the day, we define success as you winning one or more contracts and telling your colleagues that RSM Federal helped you make it happen. A schedule alone is not sufficient to winning government contracts. You also have to understand the government's acquisition cycle in addition to the processes, techniques and strategies applicable to the government space. The GSA Schedule is a tool that opens doors - but you still need to understand how to use it.  This is what differentiates RSM Federal. 

The Application Process - Simultaneous Education and Training

You didn't become a business owner without learning business basics. Every day you learn something new that helps you sell to your target market. The same is true for selling to the government. When you consider the GSA Schedule in these terms, you realize that having a tool without understanding how to use it makes little sense.  

GSA Process

At RSM Federal, when we partner with you for application services, you automatically receive every product we sell - at no extra cost. You receive The Government Sales Manual and a subscription to the RSM Digital Library with every document and template you need to accelerate your processes, marketing, sales, and revenue. 

RSM Federal provides one of the most comprehensive and educational services on the market. While working with you to develop and submit your GSA Schedule, you are provided with the manual that includes 450 pages of small business techniques and strategies. Every document and template outlined in the manual is then given to you through the RSM Digital Library. This is more than 20 years of intellectual capital and best practices. 

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