CSR Statement


Photo-VBRC-Ribbon-CuttingRSM Federal has become increasingly aware of our need to commit to sustainable business practices while giving back to our community. As corporate strategies are shifting more global, businesses are now evaluating not only the financial bottom line, but are adopting what is known as the triple bottom line strategy for people, planet, and profit. This requires evaluation of people in terms of human capital and the community, the planet through sustainable environmental practices and profit in terms of creating a lasting impact within the economy. Key corporate social responsibility (CSR) areas for RSM Federal's policy includes promoting education and entrepreneurial pursuits in support of our Veterans and their families and supporting local business development initiatives.

Companies have sought to achieve business objectives while simultaneously acting as an upstanding citizen within the community for years. It is RSM Federal's intention to be a strong corporate citizen while supporting Veterans and their families, supporting local business initiatives and protecting the environment. While the assumptions and definitions of what defines strong corporate citizenship continues to evolve, it is RSM Federal's intention to continually update our business practices as such assumptions and definitions evolve. Recent years have seen the growth of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. While neither are a new concept, companies have learned that CSR enhances business performance, strengthens client approval, and positively influences a company's brand and reputation. While we are proud of our position in the market and confident that we embody these principles in our business practices, this policy statement has been developed to provide clear guidance in understanding our obligations and expectations. This updated policy statement is effective January 1, 2016 and is applicable to all Strategic Business Units (SBUs) in addition to our commercial and government relationships will all partners, suppliers, clients, and members.

Policy Statement

RSM Federal is an ethical company dedicated to representing and performing with unquestioned integrity, trust and confidence with our community, our clients, members and our partners while contributing to our community and the communities in which our partners and customers endeavor through volunteering and supporting Veteran educational and business efforts in addition to supporting and improving local community business initiatives. It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that these principles are upheld across our business operations and relationships, that each employee serves as an ambassador for the company both personally and professionally. In dedication to this vision, RSM Federal will make available the tools and resources required to meet our CSR Objectives and will support each employee to meet these objectives.

2016 CSR Objectives

1. Support Veterans and their Families

  • St. Louis Veterans Business Resource Center (VBRC) and other National Veteran Business Outreach Centers (VBOC). Provide a minimum of three entrepreneurial sessions to Veterans and their families
  • Support the National Veterans Small Business Engagement Conference 

2. Support the SBA District in our Region

  • Augment and provide support to the SBA's Emerging Leader's Program

3. Support Local Business Development Initiatives

  • Partner with the Veterans Advocacy Foundation in support of funding initiatives
  • Augment local Economic Development Centers (EDC)
  • Augment local SBA events
  • Augment / support annual St. Louis Business Expo

4. Support Regional Business Non-Profits 

  • Augment conferences with no-cost sessions or keynotes

Any questions regarding RSM Federal's CSR policy should be directed to RSM Federal, 13 Amber Wave Ct., O'Fallon, MO 63366, or contact us.

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