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Business Capture and Related Government Consulting Services

Whether you need a second opinion, insights on how to market to a specific agency, or assistance in developing a tailored marketing, sales, and teaming strategy, RSM Federal's mission is to educate you on the market, improve your engagement, help you take advantage of qualified opportunities, and win new contracts.

RSM Federal works with small and mid-tier companies to differentiate, position, team, communicate value, and win government contracts. Whether you're an entrepreneur just starting your business or a $250 million company that wants to increase revenue, we have a wide range of cost-effective products, services, and programs that are award winning and nationally recognized with a proven track record. Most small businesses can not afford consultants with the level of quality, expertise, and proven performance that larger firms can afford to pay.

RSM Federal designs it's services and solutions to provide the same level of expertise at a cost that small businesses can afford. We manage one of the industry's largest libraries for government contracting techniques and strategies. If you look, you'll find references to our content all over the Internet. Over the last eight years, we have developed some of the industries most comprehensive resources, tools, and programs. If you want to navigate the federal market and learn how to successfully position for and win government contracts, RSM Federal is an industry leader with a proven track record.

Most companies can communicate and market the features of their products and services. Fewer companies can communicate value. Only a small percentage can bridge their value with their customer's challenges, requirements, and objectives. If you currently support or plan to target the Department of Defense, State and Local, or Federal Agencies, standing out from the thousands of other businesses is a process more critical than the products you sell or the services you provide.

RSM Federal provides the following consulting services:

Every company has different requirements and challenges, whether you sell products or services. Each of the below services and business requirements are inter-connected. When we provide support, it's often in ALL the groups listed below. 

  • Sales Strategies - Prospecting, Business Development, Sales
  • Market Intelligence, Opportunity Identification, and Qualification
  • Advanced Teaming Strategies (with small and large businesses)
  • Communicating Differentiation to Facilitate Competitive Advantage
  • Communicating Value Through Quantifiable and Qualifiable Metrics
  • How to Engage and Position During Government Prospect Meetings
  • Marketing and Positioning
  • Content Marketing and Creation - Creating an SME Platform
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Bid - No Bid Strategies and Time Management
  • Responding to Sources Sought to Influence Acquisition
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Growth and Innovation Strategies
  • Protesting - When and How to Protest
  • GSA Schedules - How to Identify if You Really Need One
  • Trade Show and Conference Engagement 
  • How to Properly Use Social Media in the Government Market
  • How to Properly Communicate and Take Advantage of Socio-Economic Status
  • Post 8(a) Strategic Planning

Focusing on Metrics and Deliverables

RSM Federal Client Marketing and Sales Process 

We utilize a 6 phased government marketing and sales methodology that ensures companies understand the metrics and deliverables for every service we provide.  The Government Sales Manual encompasses the techniques and strategies for every phase and business requirement.

RSM Federal's best-in-class education and metric's based consulting services provide one of the most valued small business services in the market. We guarantee it.

  • Three (3) Government Contracts in Just Eight Months

    When I started my business in 2010, I was an expert in strategic marketing, with more than 35 years in the media industry. In just eight months, RSM Federal's techniques, strategies, and expert understanding of the market helped my company close its first three contracts!

    Connie Risby, Owner and CEO
    Marstrats Marketing Strategy Solutions
    Saint Louis, MO

  • Nine (9) Government Contracts and Counting!

    [...]RSM Federal consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that we receive everything we need to be successful and that includes designing the strategy that helped us win nine (9) GSA / CMAS Contracts since the first of the year!

    Leslie Kirkindoll, GSA Project Coordinator
    Tel-Tec Security Systems
    Bakersfield, CA

  • $2 Million Contract

    [...] The Government Sales Manual is the perfect tool for the seasoned business developer as well as those new to the game. Using these techniques, we positioned our company for a $2 Million contract. We laughed at the idea that RSM Federal spent years designing the manual – not anymore.

    Patricia Smith, Owner
    Professional Services Consultants
    Washington, D.C.

  • Joshua Frank is a Master Strategist Who Delivers

    [...] We were referred to RSM Federal and purchased The Government Sales Manual and immediately started to connect the dots. We've had RSM Federal on retainer for almost two years - they are that good! Phenomenal support!

    Claye Greene, Managing Director
    Technology Blue
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • From Hundreds of Consultants - Second To None!

    [...]We have operated our management consulting firm for 10 years. As such, we know and have worked with well over a hundred consultants. As with any profession, most consultants are good, many are poor, and a few are excellent. Mr. Frank is among the excellent consultants!

    Matt and Kirsten Dhillon, Owners
    Dhillon Management Services
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Comprehensive Strategy and Solid Growth

    [...]It wasn't until we purchased RSM Federal's The Government Sales Manual that we realized how to tie all of our efforts into a cohesive and comprehensive offering and corporate strategy. Since integrating these strategies, we have experienced solid growth.

    Romain Nowakowski, President
    Titan Solutions & Consulting, Inc.
    Ashburn, VA

  • Brilliant. Highly Effective. A Trusted Partner.

    Working with RSM Federal has made the difference between succeeding and failing in the government market.. As a result of our work with RSM, we have a step-by-step roadmap. How strong are RSM Federal's techniques and strategies? We already have more than half a dozen state and government contracts.

    Morgan Clayton, President
    Tel-Tec Security Systems
    Bakersfield, CA

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