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RSM Federal works with thousands of companies around the country via the company's Federal Access Program. But did you know that we also provide seminars to several of our Nation's leading non-profits and other agencies that are funded by the government? Since 2009, we've helped train these organizations to better support their clients. After more than eight years, RSM Federal started working extensively with PTACs around the country to provide counselors with basic and advanced techniques and strategies for helping their local small business clients. In 2014, RSM Federal keynoted the state of Utah's Annual Government PTAC Symposium. In 2016, we presented advanced training to all PTAC offices at their annual training symposium. And we're already scheduled to travel to three states in order to provide basic and advanced training symposiums.

Whether it's the PTAC, webinars for the SBA, or onsite workshops for Veteran Business Outreach Centers, we not only support our clients and members, we also provide extensive support to other key training organizations. Working with these other organizations played a key role in the SBA awarding RSM Federal the award for Veteran Business of the Year.

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