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Live Training Events
Several times throughout the year RSM Federal holds live training events around the country in support of government contractors. For many of these events, we include membership in the Federal Access Program. If you have any questions about these events, please contact us.

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2 Day Live Event in St. Louis - Oct 2015

on Friday, 10 July 2015. Posted in Live Training Events

This October, RSM Federal is hosting a 2 day live event in St. Louis for government contractors. This is a workshop style event where you will not only be learning powerful techniques, strategies, and concepts, you will also be applying everything you learn to your business - on the spot!

Government contractors face several challenges. One of the greater ongoing challenges is simply understanding how to navigate the federal government and master the basics in a timely manner. This event is specifically designed to help your company accelerate its learning process and shave 3 to 5 years off the learning curve. Learn what you need to know NOW in order to start winning contracts as soon as possible.

Most government contractors struggle the most with 9 core aspects of government contracting:

  1. Effective Capture / Sales / Business Development Strategies
  2. A Winning Proposal Writing Process
  3. Researching the Market for Propensity Intelligence
  4. Getting On and Forming Winning Teams
  5. Hiring and Keeping Rock Star Employees
  6. Maintaining Contracts and Winning the Re-Compete
  7. Winning Task Orders Under IDIQ's
  8. Gathering Competitive Intelligence and How to Apply it

What RSM Federal has done is to create a 2 day event that addresses all of these challenges and many more. Our team systematically walks you through a 6-phase process that addresses each of these core competencies in detail. During the course of the event, you will have the opportunity to sit with one of our experts to discuss specific questions or challenges you are facing and get on the spot custom advice.

You will leave the workshop with a detailed action plan of attack to apply everything you have learned. Also included in the event is 12 months of ongoing support through the Federal Access Program. This program comes complete with a digital library with every core template you will need for government contracting (over 80 documents and counting), a video library with refresher training, monthly webinar training, proposal library, professional graphics pack (with hundreds of graphics), a member forum for asking questions, and email support.

Additionally, you will also receive a follow up consult with one of our experts to ensure that you are applying what you learned from the event and to ask additional questions.

Nationally recognized speakers and subject matter experts Joshua Frank and Michael LeJeune will be your instructors. Joshua and Michael have been featured in over 200 major media outlets around the country as subject matter experts on the techniques and strategies companies utilize to successfully win government contracts. They also speak at regional and national conferences all over the country on this same topic.

This event is not currently open to the public. It is only being offered to our clients and people on our mailing list. For more information about this event, please email me directly at and reference the 2 Day live event.


Michael LeJeune is a Senior Consultant and the Federal Access Program Manager at RSM Federal, a federal consulting and business-acceleration strategy firm that helps businesses in accelerating the education and processes necessary to winning government contracts. For more information, videos, and contact information, please visit

  • Joshua Frank is a Master Strategist Who Delivers

    [...] We were referred to RSM Federal and purchased The Government Sales Manual and immediately started to connect the dots. We've had RSM Federal on retainer for almost two years - they are that good! Phenomenal support!

    Claye Greene, Managing Director
    Technology Blue
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Brilliant. Highly Effective. A Trusted Partner.

    Working with RSM Federal has made the difference between succeeding and failing in the government market.. As a result of our work with RSM, we have a step-by-step roadmap. How strong are RSM Federal's techniques and strategies? We already have more than half a dozen state and government contracts.

    Morgan Clayton, President
    Tel-Tec Security Systems
    Bakersfield, CA

  • $2 Million Contract

    [...] The Government Sales Manual is the perfect tool for the seasoned business developer as well as those new to the game. Using these techniques, we positioned our company for a $2 Million contract. We laughed at the idea that RSM Federal spent years designing the manual – not anymore.

    Patricia Smith, Owner
    Professional Services Consultants
    Washington, D.C.

  • From Hundreds of Consultants - Second To None!

    [...]We have operated our management consulting firm for 10 years. As such, we know and have worked with well over a hundred consultants. As with any profession, most consultants are good, many are poor, and a few are excellent. Mr. Frank is among the excellent consultants!

    Matt and Kirsten Dhillon, Owners
    Dhillon Management Services
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Comprehensive Strategy and Solid Growth

    [...]It wasn't until we purchased RSM Federal's The Government Sales Manual that we realized how to tie all of our efforts into a cohesive and comprehensive offering and corporate strategy. Since integrating these strategies, we have experienced solid growth.

    Romain Nowakowski, President
    Titan Solutions & Consulting, Inc.
    Ashburn, VA

  • Nine (9) Government Contracts and Counting!

    [...]RSM Federal consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that we receive everything we need to be successful and that includes designing the strategy that helped us win nine (9) GSA / CMAS Contracts since the first of the year!

    Leslie Kirkindoll, GSA Project Coordinator
    Tel-Tec Security Systems
    Bakersfield, CA

  • Three (3) Government Contracts in Just Eight Months

    When I started my business in 2010, I was an expert in strategic marketing, with more than 35 years in the media industry. In just eight months, RSM Federal's techniques, strategies, and expert understanding of the market helped my company close its first three contracts!

    Connie Risby, Owner and CEO
    Marstrats Marketing Strategy Solutions
    Saint Louis, MO

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