Ep5: What You Need to Know about FSSI and Category Management

on Monday, 08 August 2016. Posted in Game Changers Podcast

Ep5: What You Need to Know about FSSI & Category Management

Description: This episode provides a brief history of FSSI and Category Management and then dicusses the important proposed rule changes happening in August of 2016 and what you can do about it.  This podcast is critical to ANYONE who is currently selling to or planning to sell to the government.  The upcoming changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) can potentially lock your company out of doing business with the government.

Below are two documents mentioned in the podcast.  The first is instructions on how to respond to the Federal Register.  The second document is a template that you can customize to respond to the Federal Register about this upcoming rule change.

icon FSSI Small Business Alert - FAR Case 2015-015 - Instructions 160804

icon FSSI Detailed Comments - FAR Case 2015-015 160804

linkedin2 Featured Guest: Prof. Samuel Bornstein
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