Ep28: Competing for Talent with Larger Companies

on Friday, 24 February 2017. Posted in Game Changers Podcast

Ep28: Competing for Talent with Larger Companies

Description: In this episode, we interviewed Kathleen Smith from ClearedJobs.net and CyberSecJobs.com about strategies to help small to mid-tier companies compete for talent with larger companies. One of the biggest challenges for a small or mid-tier company is finding and retaining great employees. This becomes especially difficult in the early stages of a business where compensation and benefits are harder to match against a larger company that has been around for a while. Kathleen shares great insights on how to use your size to your advantage while recruiting, how company culture plays a major role in retaining and looking for new employees, and much more.

linkedinFeatured Guest: Kathleen Smith
Company: CMO, ClearedJobs.net & CyberSecJobs.com
Email: ksmith@clearedjobs.net
Phone: (703) 871-0037

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